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Yvette De Luna, Esq.

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Once upon a time, Yvette De Luna, after two decades in the trenches of litigation, found herself at the helm of a 105-strong workforce. This was a new dawn for her; despite her vast knowledge of employment law, she quickly realized that leading a team—let alone a large one—was a whole different ballgame. It wasn't just about legalities or policies; it was about connecting, caring, and harmonizing the company's goals with the aspirations and growth of every individual under her guidance.

In this new role, Yvette faced a patchwork of teams, each with its unique dynamics and diversity. The challenge? To bring them all under one flag, united and motivated. She knew that to succeed, she needed emotional intelligence and a deliberate strategy for unity without sacrificing individuality.

Thus, the R.E.D. Relational Framework for Leaders was born. Yvette innovated this framework as an alternative to the intimacy we often rely on in our personal relationships. While closeness and warmth work wonders with family and friends, in the workplace, a different approach is necessary—one that builds connections through emotional intelligence skills.

The R.E.D. Framework was an instant hit. By equipping managers with the skills to inspire their teams, create environments of harmony and trust, and foster respect and empathy, the workplace transformed. 

Yvette's journey with the R.E.D. Framework underscored a profound truth: leadership is not just about steering the ship but about ensuring every crew member is seen, heard, and valued. This realization was the cornerstone of BE Human Leadership. The mission was simple yet ambitious: to redefine leadership in a way that was inherently human, creating win-win situations for employers and employees alike.

And so, from the seeds of necessity and empathy, BE Human Leadership grew, a testament to the power of understanding, emotional intelligence, and intentional leadership. Yvette's story is not just about overcoming a challenge; it's about how embracing our humanity can lead to amazing success.


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