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Hey managers, ever feel stretched too thin? Relying too much on one employee can throw things off and leave others feeling left out. The solution? Build a self-managed team with the right culture and tools,  and reclaim your time back! 

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Our Culture Mapping Session isn't just a tool—it's your key to clarity. Dive deep and uncover the underlying currents influencing your team. Experience firsthand how illuminating the hidden intricacies can liberate your bandwidth as a leader.

Isn't it time you didn't just manage, but thrived?


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Yvette De Luna

I am Yvette

Leading isn't just about calling the shots—it's about truly understanding your team. And let me tell you, there's more to your team than meets the eye. It's the connection, the sense of belonging, and making sure everyone feels seen and valued.

I've been in your shoes, leading a big team after years of legal battles. The real challenge?

Getting to the heart of what makes a team tick. Imagine a world where your team just gets each other, no daily dramas. Imagine having the freedom to focus on bigger goals, maybe even clocking out early for some well-deserved 'me-time'.

Sounds good, right? Dive deep with a Culture Mapping Session. Get to know your team's heartbeat and reclaim your time.

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"The knowledge shared with me has been instrumental in helping me in my leadership role. As a result of the process, my skills have increased significantly."   

Yolanda Davis 


Five Star Review: "The sessions gave me an opportunity to examine my leadership style and discuss my aspirational leadership style. While there is more work required, this session helped me to understand that time is the most essential commodity to ensure our teams evolve and maintain the sustainability of the organization."   

Edna Johnson
Introducing the 3 Week Program "Find the Heart of Your Team's Culture"

The program is designed for leaders tired of stepping in for issues your team should handle on their own? That's usually a sign something's off with your team's emotional culture. Our program is here to help sort that out.

The program delves deep into mastering communication, finding common ground and purpose, defining your team's emotional core, and setting clear values and norms.

But is this what your managers need? Good question!

Let's find out together with a complimentary 40-minute Culture Mapping Session.

After a Culture Mapping Session, you'll see your company's emotional culture in a new light. And if you've got a big team, say over 50, this is crucial to make sure everyone's on the same page.

Here are some details of the call:

How does the culture mapping session help me free up my time?

The Culture Mapping Session shines a light on where your team's emotional culture might be falling short. It'll pinpoint if the gap is in making folks feel valued, fostering a sense of belonging, or creating those key connection points among team members. By knowing exactly where to focus, you can address the real issues, making things run smoother and freeing up your time.

Do I need to prepare any specific information or documents about my organization's current culture before our session?

No, you won't need to prepare any specific documents about your organization's current culture. Simply fill out the application before booking on the calendar, as it helps us prep for our session.

Mind-Blowing  approach for cultivating culture and enhancing communication 

I will take a look at your team's traits and whip up a culture map for you. This map will be your blueprint to help your team gel better together. Once it's done, it's yours!

And after we've done that, I will let you know if your organization is a good fit our 3-week program "Find the Heart of Your Team's Culture."

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This is designed to help us determine the best course of action for you and your  teams.

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